What is OneLife Immersion?

 We offer a 3-month mentorship course that includes teaching, training and practice on-site in a “behind the scenes” scenario. Participants are immediately immersed in a new environment and quickly moved along to exercise their faith, gifts and calling. This course strips away egocentric styled ministry and offers a team concept and collaboration as described throughout the Bible. 

Our program is offered at both our base camp in Arkansas and at different international locations. Please note that closures due to COVID-19 can affect travel to some locations. Each location offers the same basic program goals and teaching. However, the practical application and different type of environment unveil new opportunities to expand experience and exercise the gifts and calling in a whole new way.

Who is OneLife for?

 OneLife Immersion is meant for Christians who understand that the mission of Christ is for everyone, everywhere and that the Church (a.k.a Body, Bride) is the ultimate missionary.  Participants in OneLife Immersion are inspired to live their one life by faith in Christ to fulfill Matthew 28:19-20 and Mark 16:15-16. They know that they are called, and they want to get up and get going. They believe in the help of the Holy Spirit and the vitality of God’s word. The OneLife Immersion course is meant to facilitate these people and serve alongside the Holy Spirit as a catalyst and connection for their calling and commitment to the Lord Jesus Christ. 

What is the course like?

The course is divided into 12 weeks of targeted learning, training and practice. We begin with getting to know each other, personal evaluations of each participant, cultural sensitivity and hearing from the Holy Spirit.  

Course study topics: Cross Collective, Obedient Faith, Cradle of Champions, Value Added Admin, Practical and Spiritual Aspects of Ministry and Missions, Unreached People Groups are some of the topics we cover in class and practice.                             

Course activities: mentoring, class room instruction, missions simulation and on site instruction, outreach Immersion, church Immersion, tech Immersion, cultural Immersion, prayer walking, camping and hiking.  

The program focuses on Christian communion through working and serving together, using grace gifts, learning new life skills, daily prayer, daily devotions, Biblical conflict resolution and innovative thinking all in an on site experience.                                                         *Due to Covid-19 some course studies or activities may be modified as needed. 

Who is OneLife?

OneLife is a program under In His Name Ministries (IHNM). This program consists of a group of Christians who collaborate together in order to facilitate the ministry and mission of Jesus Christ.

What does it cost?

The base price for 3 months of Immersion is $3,000 USD not including airfare, government documents and personal expenses. 

The base package includes accommodation, materials and supplies for activities and classes*, basic transportation, and some meals and snacks.* 

Each location can vary in the package.  This is updated as locations are available. 

Covid-19 has created additional expenses. Be prepared to pay for extra costs for testing especially in foreign countries. 

Airfare fluctuates as do other governmental expenses like visas and such. 

Financial Assistance:  As we receive financial or other donations we make that available to the participants.  You can apply for financial assistance and whenever available we will let you know what and how much is available.  You will see an example of this when you receive the application forms. 

*Occasionally a participant may be requested to purchase a special book or resource.  

**Some locations include prepared meals and some provide only groceries and/or vouchers. 


    “The terrible thing, almost impossible thing, to hand over your whole self — all your wishes and precautions — to Christ.”
    -C.S. Lewis, Mere Christianity
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